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Beyond Aurora’s Veil: A Vulnerable Tale

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 19, 2010 - Feedback     

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Derek Manky

In 2009, the Conficker worm was dissected by researchers, and then fried by the spotlight on a worldwide stage. One year later, we saw the Aurora assaults similarly glow in the headlines. Defense was tense against these two nasties – yet, in each case, easily circumvented by two potent zero-day exploits that crept in from the digital depths. Derek Manky will provide case studies on the zero-days, along with live demonstrations.

Manky will go on to highlight drive-by attacks launched during Conficker’s rise, which have provided growth to one of today’s largest botnets – Bredolab. He will show sophisticated techniques and structure Bredolab has developed over the course of a year. Illuminating their shadows, Manky will unveil these threats in order to provide insight and provoke thought for a broader defense strategy, instead of using reactive tunnel-vision that is all too common.