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ARUBA + ZSCALER = Better Together Network Transformation

Theatre (803AB) October 9, 2019 2:15 pm - 2:45 pm Feedback     

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Bil Harmer
Raja Sundarrajan

Risk is a balance between security and usability, when security is too restrictive users naturally find ways around it. As organizations seek to improve the user experience and while maintaining the required level of security, questions of risk arise. How do we deploy Cloud solutions with direct to Internet connectivity and still maintain visibility over the traffic? How do we reduce our MPLS costs without reducing our security controls? SD-Branch simplifies how traffic is securely routed in the branch and makes it easy to establish local Internet breakouts. However, connecting all branch locations directly to the Internet introduces significant security risks. In this session we will discuss the ever-changing landscape security professionals face, how those changes are being exploited and strategies to reduce the risk and leave room for future changes.