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Advanced Threat Analytics: Adapt as Fast as Your Enemies

Expo Theatre (Hall G) October 20, 2015 - Feedback     

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Jasbir Gill
Lanny Cofman

Today, the topic of cyber-security has moved from IT and the datacenter to the highest levels of the boardroom. Attacks and threats have grown substantially more sophisticated in frequency and severity. Attackers reside within a network an average of eight months before they are even detected. In the vast majority of attacks, they compromise user credentials and they are increasingly using legitimate IT tools rather than malware. You are now working under the assumption of a breach. How do you find the attackers—before they cause damage?

Come learn what ATA can do to alleviate, remediate and eliminate these security concerns. ATA is the newest offering in the Enterprise Mobility Suite and it completes the holistic view Microsoft takes to security.