SECurity FUNdamentals

A Peep into the Iron Triangle: IoT Purchasing in a ‘Me First’ Society

Security Fundamentals (714AB) October 2, 2018 1:25 pm - 2:25 pm Feedback     

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Tyler Reguly

With a plethora of IoT devices on the market, and consumer devices being used in the enterprise, it becomes ever trickier to decide on the right strategy for choosing. Product development lives and dies by the phrase ‘Fast, Good, Cheap – Pick Two’. Today, as we push the bleeding edge and strive for instant improvements on tomorrow’s technology, we’ve shifted the project focus. Today, vendors live by a new adage, ‘First to Market, Convenience, Security – Pick One’.

Whether we’re talking about operational security or product security, foundational controls are critical. This doesn’t just mean secure coding and proper configuration in your environment, it means building your IoT project plans from the ground up with these components baked in. By the end of this talk, it won’t matter if you’re in software development or IT operations, helpdesk or management, you’ll be able to sit down and determine if you’re moving toward or avoiding the pitfalls that will ultimately decrease security for your consumers and your enterprise.