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A New Security Reality: Data IS the Perimeter

Virtual October 22, 2020 11:10 am - 11:40 am Feedback     

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Gina Scinta

We all know that the operating paradigm in which business is conducted changes on almost a daily basis, yet the way we defend the sensitive data within our business has remained static for nearly 3 decades. Perimeter security is not sufficient, and that’s why we have embraced the concept of Securing the Breach by protecting the data at rest, in transit and in motion utilizing a four step approach of discovering the sensitive data, strong centralized key management, encrypting the data and controlling access thru identity access management.

This presentation will address our four-step approach to data protection and how it can enable organizations to meet compliance mandates, mitigate risk and secure their infrastructure from on premise to the cloud.

Gain insight on how to prepare for the breach and protect what truly matters—your data.