A day in the life of a hacker…

Keynote Hall October 20, 2009 - Feedback     

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Adam Laurie (Major Malfunction)

When you check into a hotel room, do you see the elegantly understated, calm yet energising modern styling, providing you with the ultimate in traveller comfort, or is it the hotel safe, pay per view tv, automated minibar and RFID door lock that gets your attention? Is the ATM in the lobby a convenient place to collect some cash on the way to your meeting, or a technical challenge waiting to be undertaken? Do the twin turbochargers and double over head cams on you rental get your attention, or is it the RF enabled keyfob that has your motor running? Being a hacker in the modern world means never getting from A to B without something catching your eye and making you think, Batman style, “If I can… just…. reverse…. the polarity…”.

Will Major Malfunction make it to the podium to deliver this talk, or will the temptations of e-passports, airline ticketing and in-flight entertainment systems prove too much on the way over? Watch this space…