The Future of Privacy

CIPPIC, the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic, is Canada’s only public interest technology law clinic. CIPPIC is unique in Canada, bringing together a team of expert legal professionals and students to advocate for the public interest in policy debates arising from the intersection of law and technology. Defense of privacy rights and […]

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Metasploit Community: Tips, Tricks and What’s New

Let’s talk Metasploit! Come learn how the community is building tools that work not just for the single user, but for the whole team. Jeffrey will begin the presentation by discussing basic usage and capabilities, and then explore the roads less traveled as well as some new paths currently being explored in Metasploit Framework. Audience members will […]

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Threat hunting demystified – Strengthening risk management through proactive investigation and response

Despite billions spent on security technology each year, it seems little progress has been made to reclaim the advantage from attackers.  Modest reconnaissance by a malicious actor often results in a better understanding of an environment than the defenders who own and operate it.  At the heart of the problem lies one simple truth: know […]

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TLS Tools for Blue Teams

TLS can cause problems for security teams, breaking TLS or ignoring TLS are common modus operandi, both are flawed and expose organizations to weaknesses. This session focusses on the management of TLS from a blue team perspective, without either ignoring or breaking TLS implementations. We will discuss specific tooling, FingerPrinTLS and TLSProxy will be the […]

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Weapons of a Pentester

In this session Nick will demonstrate and review a list of physical and digital tools used by professional pentesters and red teams in the industry. Tools that will be demonstrated and showcased include: Metasploit (Exploit Framework) BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) Physical lock testing (Lock pick set – Snap gun, and lock pick card) Hak5 – […]

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Security Training in a (Virtual) Box

We have designed a virtual training environment that allows the user to step through the quintessential phases of an attack: reconnaissance, scanning and enumeration, gaining access, maintaining access, and covering tracks. Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons, the materials can immediately be used for education and training purposes by attendees. We focus on what can be expected from […]

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NOAH: Uncover the Evil Within! Respond Immediately by Collecting All the Artifacts Agentlessly

Imagine the moment when you realize that a malicious threat actor has compromised your network and is currently going through your confidential information. Faced with this dreadful scenario, you initiate an Incident Response. We have built an open source Incident Response framework based on PowerShell to help security investigation responders gather a vast number of […]

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Extending BloodHound for Red Teamers

BloodHound has changed how red and blue teams approach risk in Active Directory environments. The interface is slick, the install is painless enough considering the dependencies, and the pre-built analytics deliver actionable intelligence. BloodHound provides the foundational elements – a reliable backend, a means for ingesting, querying, and displaying data – for users to extend […]

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Chkrootkit: Eating APTs at Breakfast Since 1997

Chkrootkit will be 20 years old in 2017! The first Chkrootkit release was in 1997 and was written by my friend Klaus ( team) and I. Chkrootkit is a suite of posix shell scripts and tools written in ansi C, intended to run smoothly in virtually all Unix environments without dependencies. It is able to detect several rootkits, […]

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