Crash Course in Kubernetes & Security

Kubernetes is Google’s answer to container orchestration and some of the tools it provides developers are indistinguishable from black magic. However, with the power that it provides it also can let you fall into some security holes that are hard to climb out of. In this presentation we’ll go through those pitfalls, along with some […]

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AirBnBeware: short-term rentals, long-term pwnage

What’s scarier, letting HD Moore rent your house and use your home network for day or being the very next renter that uses that network? With the colossal growth of the vacation rental market over the last five years (AirBnb, HomeAway), travellers are now more vulnerable than ever to network based attacks targeted at stealing […]

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WiFi Exploitation: How passive interception leads to active exploitation

When was the last time you thought to yourself, hmm, I wonder if an attacker is exploiting my smart phone and laptop as a result of merely leaving my WiFi enabled? Or, when did you think: I wonder if a person can create a profile about me and possibly determine where I live, work, and […]

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How To Secure Serverless Applications

Serverless applications offer a number of fantastic benefits that let you focus almost exclusively on solving your user’s problems. Relieved of the daily operations burden of traditional deployments, teams often think that security is taken care of inherently in the design. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this talk, we’ll explore how to […]

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[Ab]using TLS for defensive wins

TLS, and it’s older forerunner SSL, are used to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of network communications. This is a double edged sword for Information Security departments as this allows private information to remain private, but can also be used to hide malicious activity. Current defensive measures for dealing with network traffic encrypted using TLS […]

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