SOARing to New Heights with TheHive and Cortex

Cybersecurity pros’ time is in high demand, as such the need to automate information gathering and attribution becomes greater every day. One question that confounds many pros is how to get started, what do you need in your stack to help you get the answers you need quickly? SOAR, Threat Intelligence, a SIEM, EDR/XDR, IDS, […]

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How to Maximize ROI with Frictionless Zero Trust

Security used to be easier when everything could be put into a datacenter and always protected. In today’s modern digital transformation, people can work anywhere, and apps live everywhere – on-prem, in the cloud, and multi-cloud, complex environments. This has forced security to go through its own transformation. As security deployment gets more complicated, it […]

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XDR and SIEM on a Collision Course: What Remains When the Dust Settles?

Detection and response is ripe for disruption or at least better tool integration. In this context, XDR makes sense as a means to help security analysts reduce dwell time and conduct more threat hunting. Looking ahead, how do security operations change, and what is the role of SIEM, SOAR, EDR, and NDR in an XDR […]

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