No-Tech Hacking

Based on the book No-Tech Hacking, this presentation shows life through the eyes of today’s hacker. I’ll show what kinds of tactics a hacker will employ and the perspective they have that allows them to stay one step ahead of the good guys. I’ll focus on the hacker mind, showing in a compelling way the […]

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What I took with me when I ‘left’ Computer Security

Known by most by his email name, ‘Stepto’, Stephen Toulouse was involved in some of the most fundamental security incidents and decisions made at Microsoft over the past several years. In 2007 Stepto moved from Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing division to pursue his lifelong dream of being paid to play video games and work for the […]

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Web Application Worms: The Future of Browser Insecurity

The traditional conception of web application security covers how attacks piggyback HTTP(S) through a firewall to attack servers. Yet this is a bidirectional path; web browsers can be attacked by compromised sites with malicious payloads. Such attacks exploit assumptions of trust and security between the browser and web site. HTML, JavaScript and similar engines like […]

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