Walking the Cybersecurity Data Tightrope

Data is the currency of the 21st century, and as true as this is for organizations, it also trickles down to the security team. There’s a delicate balance between collecting too much and not enough data. Too much data, and your SOC is sifting through endpoint, application and network logs for days on end. Not […]

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Best practices for Open-Source Management

The vast majority of code in modern applications is made up of open-source components. This allows developers to focus on value-generating features and not on scaffolding and foundations. The challenge is that this scaffolding is not free like a lunch. It’s free like a puppy. That means that not only should you be careful in […]

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Hindsight Security: Things Breach Victims Wish They Had Done

The decisions made in the seconds, minutes, and hours of a security breach carry long-term operational, legal, regulatory, and public relations repercussions. Making the wrong move in the heat of the moment can cost a fortune; it can even end a career. Featuring real-world best practices from the breach response team responsible for defending hundreds […]

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A Technical Deep Dive Into: Supply Chain Based Triple Extortion Ransomware with DDoS and Scrambled Voice Phone Blackmail and A Review of Successful Prevention Tactics and Strategies

This talk will technically review the latest Supply Chain and Ransomware attacks, some new Financial Sector Specific threats, the steep rise in “Triple Extortion Events” and the advanced and automatic requirements for event prevention strategy and tactics. This presentation will use public and anonymized private information as well as technical analysis from Check Point Research. […]

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