SecTor Scholarship Program

Submissions for the 2017 Scholarship program are now closed. Any submissions now received will be considered in 2018.

The team from Black Arts Illuminated Inc. is proud to offer the SecTor scholarship program.  Since the inception of the Security Education Conference in Toronto (SecTor), our mandate has always been to bring the IT security community in Canada together and help it flourish.  An important part of this community and industry is the development of both new security professionals and disruptive research that can help to evolve the security industry at large.  For this reason, we have always made a block of student tickets available for an extremely low cost.  We do this to engage and enable the most passionate and committed students, but low enough to be affordable.

New for 2017, while we will continue student pricing for tickets, we also want to encourage and reward students who dedicate their time and effort to meaningful research.  This is the first year for this scholarship and we encourage you to ask clarifying questions or provide feedback via email at

What’s in it for me?

Short answer: Free pass.  Published peer reviewed paper.

Long answer: There really isn’t a longer answer here.  For your time and effort performing and writing up your research, you get a full access ticket to SecTor which is worth $1,199 (standard conference rate) and perhaps more importantly, you get published on our site as a research paper that the review board believes is significant enough to be published.  We invite all published authors to present their research at TASK if they’d also value presenting to a larger peer group.

Who can apply?

Short Answer: Anyone.

Long Answer: For 2017, we will accept submissions from anyone, with or without proof of student enrollment.  The research must be yours and the research must not be funded by an employer.  The goal here is to reward those furthering IT security in Canada with a goal beyond just those currently enrolled in post-secondary.

When must the submission be completed?

Short Answer: August 31, 2017, earlier is better

Long Answer: To allow our review board time to read all the research and to ensure we have tickets available, all submissions must be received by midnight, EST, August 31, 2017.  Any submissions received after this time will be considered in 2018.

Please don’t do the standard procrastinator thing and submit at the last possible minute.  We encourage you to submit as early in the year as possible.  Major benefit to you: This gives time for the review board to provide feedback and for you to better/further your research.

If your research paper is still in development, reach out early with an abstract so your work is on our radar ahead of the deadline.

What is the acceptance criteria?

Short Answer: New, practical, thorough.

Long Answer: We are not going to provide a minimum word count and certainly not a maximum. Your paper should include the following components:

Who is going to review my paper?

Short answer: The review committee!

Long answer: We carefully handpicked our review committee to have a good cross section of industry veterans and academics.  We will consolidate their feedback for you and share back to you.

What is the submission process?

Short answer: Email it to us.  Send it to:

Long answer: Please write an email that includes a bit of a cover letter in the body of the email.  Tell us a little something about yourself.  Who are you (short bio)?  What prompted you to submit to this scholarship program?  Why did you do this research?  Are you passionate about security or did you just hear it’s a career path with a low unemployment rate?

What if I don’t get accepted or don’t have qualifying research?

Short answer: Buy a ticket or come to the free expo.  Either way, come, learn and participate.

Long answer: If you are actively enrolled as a student, email with proof (a student card/timetable) and you can get yourself a student ticket while supplies last as we have in previous years.