One of the unfortunate side effects of building a successful conference is that it draws the scammers out of the woodwork.

If someone contacts you and you can’t validate what they tell you by referring to the secured SecTor website at then contact us to confirm the information. Our call out teams will only send you to the SecTor website. If anyone else calls, then they are not with us and they do not represent us.

Scammers can direct their attacks at anyone, but most often they tend to target sponsors or individuals listed on our website, especially speakers. They are attracted to targets whose contact information is easy to find elsewhere online.  Here are just a few of the scams we are currently aware of:

Hotel and Housing Offers: These scammers call and claim to represent the SecTor team, offering to help with your travel plans. They may even try to strong arm you by claiming that everything is sold out and urging you to book right now. In the best-case scenario, their goal is to place you at a hotel where they can make the booking fee and layer other fees on top. Worst case, they just take your payment information and run. Check to ensure that:

  • The hotel suggested is on our website
  • The hotel is booked via the means we suggest
  • The hotel is booked by your assigned speaker logistics person

If these conditions are not met, then the booking is not related to us.

Scammers use names such as “Exhibitor Housing Services”, “Housing Management” and any variation thereof.

Exhibitor Services / Audio Visual: If you are exhibiting at SecTor, you will have received an official exhibitor kit from us. This lists our show suppliers. If they aren’t in this guide, they are not with us.

SecTor Attendee Lists: The perpetrators of this scam promise to sell you a list of SecTor attendees. This isn’t something they have, although that doesn’t seem to stop them from trying to get you to buy a list of random email addresses and contacts.

These are some scammers we’re aware of:

  • ExpoList.US, particularly ‘Lydia Paul’, using the address
  • Email Data US Inc., using email addresses from
  • Mary Fisher, using the address

Please contact us. If you are approached by anyone offering services on behalf of our show, let us know. You can forward the email to management at or call us at 416-977-0330.


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