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2021 Press

SecTor 2021 Press Room

AT&T Cybersecurity 12/10/21 “SecTor 2021 Announces Full Schedule Lineup for Hybrid Event”Link

Allstream Expert IP 19/10/21 “About 26% of all malicious JavaScript threats are obfuscated”Link

AT&T Cybersecurity 19/10/21 “The Hacker Mind Podcast: The Hunt for Ghost #1”Link

IT World Canada 20/10/21 “JavaScript Packing Found in More Than 25% of Malicious Sites”Link

IT World Canada 02/11/21 “The Hacker Mind Podcast: Scanning the Internet”Link

IT World Canada 03/11/21 “Jeff Moss on the Evolution of Hacking at SecTor 2021”Link

04/11/21 “SecTor 2021: To blunt attacks by advanced threat actors you need an updated incident response plan”Link

04/11/21 “Researchers Scan the Web to Uncover Malware Infections”Link

04/11/21 “#SecTorCa: Jeff Moss Defines the Role of Hacking”Link

04/11/21 “Jeff Moss Defines the Role of Hacking”Link

05/11/21 “Cyber Expert Wendy Nather Unmasks”Link

05/11/21 “To Secure DevOps, Security Teams Must be Agile”Link

09/11/21 “Kim goes to SecTor 2021Link

SecTor 2020 Press Room

AT&T Cybersecurity 09/11/20 “SecTor 2020, Canada’s Biggest Cybersecurity Event: Day Two”Link

Allstream Expert IP 05/11/20 “Is Zero Trust the Answer to Escalating Cyber Attacks? – Link”Link

AT&T Cybersecurity 02/11/20 “SecTor 2020, Canada’s Biggest Cybersecurity Event: Day One”Link

IT World Canada 26/10/20 “Cyber Security Today – What Your Firm Should do after Being Hit with Ransomware”Link

IT World Canada 26/10/20 “SecTor 2020: Measuring the importance of metrics”Link

IT World Canada 24/10/20 “SecTor 2020: Don’t point a finger too fast after a hack, says expert”Link

23/10/20 “#SecTorCa: A Hacker’s Perspective on Your Infrastructure”Link

23/10/20 “#SecTorCa: Tech for Good, and Bad”Link

23/10/20 “#SecTorCa: Defining the Security Metrics that Matter”Link

23/10/20 “#SecTorCa: The Paramedic’s Guide to Surviving Cybersecurity”Link

23/10/20 “#SecTorCa: How One Malicious Message Could Exploit an Enterprise”Link

SecTor 2019 Press Room

Threat Vector 07/11/19 “Security In Depth: Your Guide to SecTor 2019”Link

IT World Canada 18/10/19 “What infosec pros can learn from Tony Stark”Link

IT World Canada 18/10/19 “Password lessons: Longer is better, so is salt”Link

IT World Canada 17/10/19 “Is Blockchain the Key to Cloud Security?”Link

financial_post 17/10/19 “Canadian Cybersecurity Legislation Lacking, Survey Finds”Link

SecJuice 13/10/19 “A Visit To SecTor 2019”Link

IT World Canada 11/10/19 “SecTor 2019: The past, present, and future of malware”Link

InfoSec Magazine 11/10/19 “#SecTorCa: Finding a New Route to Solve Tomorrow’s Cyber-Attacks”Link

IT World Canada 11/10/19 “SecTor 2019: Experts say more resources needed to meet cybersecurity skills shortage”Link

11/10/19 “#SecTorCa: Millions of Phones Leaking Information Via Tor”Link

IT World Canada 09/10/19 “SecTor 2019: How to survive a ransomware attack”Link

Sector 2018 Press Room

18/11/18 “How to win at cloud security”Link

IT World Canada 09/10/18 “Canadian government IT security boss on Huawei: 5G review isn’t over yet “Link

05/10/18 “How to Enable Developers to Build Secure Software”Link

IT World Canada 05/10/18 ” Spotting cryptojacking, a phone scam and a dangerous fax con “Link

IT World Canada 05/10/18 “SecTor 2018: How to help developers write secure code “Link

04/10/18 “Endpoint Security: It’s Way More Complicated than You Think” Link

IT World Canada 04/10/18 “SecTor 2018: Why the cloud means new ways of thinking about security “Link

IT World Canada 04/10/18 ” SecTor 2018: Security industry is ‘squandering opportunity’”Link

03/10/18 “How Ashley Madison Recovered From Its Massive Data Breach” Link

IT World Canada 03/10/18 ” SecTor 2018: Make better use of logs to improve security, staff satisfaction”Link

03/10/18 “Why Organizations Should Embrace Friendly Hackers” Link

IT World Canada 03/10/18 “SecTor 2018: Canadian firms not quite ready for new mandatory breach notification”Link

02/10/18 ” How the Government of Canada Is Improving Cyber-Security” Link

Sector 2017 Press Room

IT World Canada 22/12/17 “Top Canadian cyber security stories of 2017”Link

Canadian Security Mag 01/12/17 ” Robots and the Future of Cyber Regulation”Link

Canadian Security Mag 30/11/17 ” Bruce Schneier on IoT, Threats and Regulations | SecTor 2017″Link

IT World Canada 27/11/17 “Focus on security basics and be good at them, says risk consultant”Link

IT World Canada 21/11/17 “Tips for tuning a SIEM”Link

Canadian Security Mag 17/11/17 ” SecTor 2017 Photos and Recap”Link

17/11/17 “SecTor Highlights Need for More Trust and Cyber-Security Regulations” Link

IT World Canada 17/11/17 “Build Playbooks to Meet Emerging Threats, SecTor Conference Told”Link

16/11/17 “Simple hacks save IT security dollars”Link

16/11/17 “Hacking Blockchain with Smart Contracts to Control a Botnet” Link

IT World Canada 16/11/17 “Focus on Security Basics and Be Good At Them, says Risk Consultant”Link

16/11/17 “SecTor: What the Story of David vs Goliath Teaches Cyber-Security” Link

IT World Canada 16/11/17 “Government Regulation of IoT Coming, SecTor Conference Told”Link

15/11/17 ” Schneier: It’s Time to Regulate IoT to Improve Cyber-Security “ Link

IT World Canada 15/11/17 “Canada’s new Cyber Security Strategy will be Based on 5 principles: Senior Official”Link

15/11/17 “Researcher Provides Insight Into North Korea Cyber-Army Tactics” Link

IT World Canada 15/11/17 “Why Networking, Not Just Work on Networks, Helps an Infosec Career”Link

15/11/17 “Defining a New Model for Cyber-Security Trust with Blockchain” Link

14/11/17 “How the Government of Canada Plans To Set CyberSecurity Policy” Link

14/11/17 “EAP-TLS Detailed as WiFi Security Best Practice at SecTor” Link

07/11/17 “Comparing Marketing Slogans with What Happens in the Real World of Endpoint Security”Link

1/11/17 “How Wireless Intruders Can Bypass NAC Controls”Link

24/10/17 “Extending Bloodhound for Red Teamers”Link

27/09/17 “Press Release – SecTor 2017 Speaker Lineup Announced”PDF

Sector 2016 Press Room

31/10/16 “Are CAs keeping your mobile devices secure?”Link

IT World Canada 25/10/16 “Data-driven defence will best protect enterprises, says expert”Link

IT World Canada 24/10/16 “DDoS attack signals time for a two-tier Internet to boost security”Link

24/10/16 “Ransomware gets creative, targets smartphones”Link

anti-virus rants 21/10/16 “highlights from #sector2016”Link

IT World Canada 21/10/16 “Over 70,000 Canadian credit cards suddenly on sale on dark web: SecTor”Link

21/10/16 “SecTor Features Snowden Appearance, Call to Secure All the ‘Things’” Link

IT World Canada 20/10/16 “Women feel like interlopers among men in IS, SecTor conference told”Link

IT World Canada 20/10/16 “Better trained people, not technology, will improve cyber security, SecTor told”Link

19/10/16 “What Makes Ransomware the Worst Type of Malware” Link

19/10/16 “SecTor: Retaking Surrendered Ground, Making Better Decisions to Fight Cyber-crime” Link

IT World Canada 19/10/16 “Only do penetration tests if your security program is up to it, say experts”Link

The Guardian 19/10/16 “Snowden: ‘Politics of fear’ keep Trudeau from repealing Canada anti-terror law”Link

IT World Canada 18/10/16 “Over 100 groups cashing in on ransomware, Canadian infosec pros told”Link

financial_post 18/10/16 “Businesses cooperate with government mass surveillance at their peril, says Edward Snowden”Link

IT World Canada 18/10/16 “Snowden says Trudeau afraid to kill anti-terrorism bill”Link

18/10/16 “Snowden Offers His Take on Security Today” Link

05/10/16 “The Security Problems of an 11 Year Old “Link

29/09/16 “How to Increase the Number of Women in Information Security”Link

17/08/16 “Press Release – Christopher Pogue returns to SecTor 2016 “PDF

IT World Canada 14/07/16 “Whistleblower Edward Snowden to keynote Toronto conference”Link

Cantech Letter 14/07/16 “Edward Snowden to keynote Toronto Security Education conference”Link

14/07/16 “What’s Next For Canada’s Surveillance Landscape?”Link

14/07/16 “Press Release – Edward Snowden Speaking at SecTor 2016”PDF

17/05/16 “Press Release – SecTor Celebrates 10 Years with Impressive Speaker Line-Up”PDF

Sector 2015 Press Room

27/10/15 “Messages from the Front Lines: Pizzo, Cavoukian and Brown at SecTor2015” PDF

26/10/15 “Apple vs. Google: If you get hacked, which account could be bigger trouble?” PDF

25/10/15 “Why Modern IT Security Is Like Aviation—100 Years Ago” Link

23/10/15 “Keeping Organizations Secure in an Era of Cloud Apps, Millennials and Agile Development” PDF

23/10/15 “Lock Pick Meets Hack Lab – a Virtual Introduction” PDF

23/10/15 “Microsoft Runs the Largest Botnets to Protect Azure Customers” PDF

23/10/15 “Privacy by Design Does Not Sacrifice Security “ PDF

22/10/15 “SecTor 2015: Make detailed incident reports public, CISOs told” PDF

22/10/15 “Microsoft Runs the Largest Botnets and Gets Stolen Passwords – All to Keep Customers Safe” PDF

21/10/15 “Why you should be worried about IoT security even if you won’t buy into it” – PDF

21/10/15 “SecTor 2015: Take advantage of changing threat landscape, CISOs told”PDF

21/10/15 “SecTor 2015: How Toronto’s Pam Am Games blocked security problems”PDF

20/10/15 “Meet the Real-Life Mr. Robot”PDF

21/09/15 “Just 30 days until the 9th Annual SecTor Security Education Conference Toronto”PDF

09/17/15 “Among Darknet surprises – news of privacy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated”Link

09/08/15 “Avoiding ‘Magpie Syndrome’ In Cybersecurity” Link

14/05/15 “IBM’s Chief Information Security Officer Kris Lovejoy to open SecTor 2015, the 9th annual Security Education Conference Toronto”PDF

25/03/15 “Celebrating 10 years of providing a security community “Link

23/03/15 “TASK – Toronto Area Security Klatch Celebrates 10 Years”PDF

Sector 2014 Press Room


11/05/14 “Careers in IT Security – experienced candidates only need apply”Link

11/04/14 “Geopolitical security – it’s still all over the map!”Link

11/04/14 “Researchers help vendors prevent The Internet of Fails”Link

11/03/14 “The misapprehensions of penetration testing hinder security”Link

10/30/14 “Security is Playing Catch up in the World of Cars”Link

10/30/14 “Fragmentation in the midst of aggregation: the security landscape in ongoing transition”Link

10/30/14 “From Cyber-Attacks to DevOps: Security Experts Cover Mix of Topics”Link

10/29/14 “Internet of Things: Security vs. Time To Market”Link

10/28/14 “SecTor 2014 – Security, starting with the people”Link

10/27/14 “A former CSIS exec explains the ‘lone wolf’ effect on IT security”Link

10/26/14 “Automate your very own Internet Rain Man”Link

10/24/14 “Hacked: The escalating arms race against cybercrime “Link

10/27/14 “Why data breaches keep happening”Link

10/24/14 “A black hat hacker that changed his colour”Link

10/24/14 “Security pros forgetting the basics, complains expert”Link

10/24/14 “SecTor Speaker Shows How Credit Card Thieves Get Caught”Link

10/24/14 “Why security awareness testing can be a risky business”Link

10/24/14 “How to break into containerized Android apps”Link

Carmakers ignore hacking risk, security expert says”

10/24/14 “SecTor: Why DevOps Is the Key to Security”Link

10/23/14 “Beware of gift iPads”Link

10/23/14 “M2M will bring government regulation, predicts IT consultant”Link

10/23/14 “Give up trying to stop attackers at the perimeter, says ex-CSIS official”Link

10/22/14 “Join an Industry with a 100% Employment Rate”Link

10/20/14 “SecTor 2014 Launches Exclusive Canadian CSO Summit, sponsored by KPMG”PDF

10/14/14 “A Rare Chance to Hear a Car Hacking Expert”Link


10/14/14 “Car Hacking Expert, Chris Valasek, Keynotes at the 8th Annual SecTor”PDF

Sector 2013 Press Room

10/13/13 “SecTor2013 9 Highly Relevant Bits and Bytes”Link

10/11/13 “How They Popped The Penguin: One Bash Tactic And What
It Means For Linux Data Security”

10/11/13 “SecTor2013 – Highlight of Day 2, Crossing the Line, Oct 9th”Link

10/10/13 “How much fun could an IT security conference be, anyway?”Link

10/10/13 “Is the Breach Quadrilateral the Key to Understanding Security?” Link

10/10/13 “Lock picking, hacking, and dongles on the Sector show floor”
Link and Video

10/10/13 “SecTor 2013: Consultant scorns Apache Hadoop’s lack of security”Link

10/10/13 “Internet of Things Could Bring On Attack of the Killer Toaster Botnet”Link

10/10/13 “Building a spy phone is as easy as injecting malware into Android apps”

10/10/13 “SecTor 2013: Canadian CERT team about to officially launch”Link

10/10/13 “ATMs Are Vulnerable to Attackers Looking to Steal Money: SecTor”Link

10/10/13 “SecTor 2013 roundup: From limits on ethical hacking to three tips
for security pros “

10/10/13 “SecTor 2013: A call for DevOps for more secure software”Link

10/09/13 “Three thoughts for IT security professionals, from SecTor’s G. Mark Hardy”

10/09/13 “Is Security a Game of Chess or Poker?”Link

10/10/13 “SecTor 2013: Are there limits to ethical hacking?”Link

10/09/13 “Microsoft turns corner on malware spike in Canada”Link

10/09/13 “Malicious Remote Admin Tools Make Use of Old Vulnerabilities”Link

10/08/13 “Canadians have ‘naive belief’ hackers won’t target them: Trustwave”Link

10/08/13 “SecTor 2013: Highlights of Day 1, October 8th “Link

10/08/13 “Mainfram3 and SecTor release conference lead retrieval and
attendance tracking software.”

10/02/13 “The Interweb as a tool for control “Link

Sector 2012– 2012 Press Room

10/18/12 “Hadoop Forensics 101”Link

10/16/12 “Gathering Threat Intelligence With Open Tools”PDF

10/08/12 “US Mint Takes Control of Cloud Security Fate” Link

10/04/12 “What Star Wars Teaches Us About BYOD and IT Security” PDF

10/03/12 “Canada is winning the war against malware” Link

10/03/12 “The Cloud Requires More Transparency” PDF

10/03/12 “APTs Target Mac Users” PDF

10/02/12 “This is SecTor 2012 – Canada’s Premiere Security Conference”Link

10/02/12 “SecTor: Old Security Vulnerabilities Live On “ PDF

08/07/12 “It Is All About the Content: SecTor Conference” PDF

05/30/12 “Creating undetectable computer virus ‘surprisingly simple'” PDF

04/03/12 “Can executives and hackers ever learn enough to work together?”Link

03/27/12 “Why bad guys are better software builders “Link

Sector 2011– 2011 Press Room


21/22/11 “Clever patching keeps the system serviceable'”

11/03/11 “Google Chrome security bests other browsers in two ways: researchers”PDF

10/27/11 “Canadian Infosec pro gives cubicle warfare tips”Link

10/25/11 “There is no 911 to call for cyber crime”Link

10/25/11 “Penetration Testing Shows Unlikely Vulnerabilities”Link

10/22/11 “Forget new threats: It’s the old-school attacks that keep getting you” PDF

10/21/11 “Which Browser is the Most Secure?”Link

10/20/11 “Cyberattack forecast after spy virus found” PDF

10/20/11 “Cloud providers rapped for hyping cloud security'”PDF

10/19/11 “Cloud Security in Datacenter Terms “Link

10/18/11 “How Solid State Drives work for data recovery and forensics Part 2”Link

10/18/11 “How Solid State Drives work for data recovery and forensics Part 1”Link

10/18/11 “How Hackers Can Benefit IT Security”Link

10/17/11 “Detecting Malicious Traffic in HTTP Headers”Link

10/17/11 “SecTor conversation: on DLP for small businesses”Link

10/17/11 “Social media tracking is no long for law enforcement only”Link

10/14/11 “PC infection rates rising in Canada, Microsoft warns”PDF

10/13/11 “Technology and humans – the good, the bad, and the unexpected”Link

10/06/11 “Security Vendors: Trend-Setters, or Trend Followers?'” PDF

10/03/11 “PayPal says mobile risks still far off” PDF

9/29/11 “Google Wallet and NFC security: guarding against ‘sharks with lasers'”PDF

9/26/11 “6 weird malware tricks hackers use to bypass security”PDF

9/9/11 “Cybercrime affects minimum of two-thirds of all Canadians”PDF

01/09/11 “Security in the Age of Social Media”Link, Audio, Vide

03/02/11 “In The Middle”PDF

Sector 2010– 2010 Press Room

11/19/10 “Selling security without playing the fear card”PDF

11/04/10 “Four security start-ups, four paths to success”PDF

11/02/10 “SecTor 2010: Frontrunner Training”PDF

11/01/10 “Web threatdown: four new exploits you need to
defend against”

11/01/10 “SecTor 2010 – Opening Video – Johnny Long” Play

10/28/10 “Old school flaws still haunt mobile Web apps”PDF

10/27/10 “Your locks are lame and easily picked: notes on
the first layer of your physical security “

10/27/10 “Random wisdom from SecTor 2010”PDF

10/27/10 “Canadians learn Defcon network security secrets”

10/27/10 “Q&A: Evercookie Creator Samy Kamkar”PDF

10/27/10 “Stuxnet and SCADA systems: The ‘wow’ factor” Play

10/27/10 “SecTor 2010: Touring (and surviving) the mobile
app minefield”

10/27/10 “The problem with privacy? Security”PDF

10/27/10 “How I met your girlfriend”Link

10/26/10 “Even Without Browser Flaws, Attackers Have
the Upper Hand on the Web”

10/25/10 “SecTor 2010: Researchers demonstrate malware
samples used in targeted attacks”

10/25/10 “Fuzzing proprietary protocols not that hard #sectorca”

10/25/10 “SecTor 2010: Adventures in vulnerability hunting”

10/25/10 “SecTor 2010: Why security is the enemy of privacy”

to present at SecTor 2010 Conference”

10/21/10 “Bell, McAfee offer cloud-based Internet Protect to

Sector 2009– 2009 Press Room

10/19/09 “Cloud security raises unanswered security questions” PDF

10/19/09 “Experts question security of Canada’s e-passports” PDF

10/09/08 “PayPal says mobile risks still far off” PDF

10/09/09 “Canadian IT security survey uncovers paradoxes, ironies” PDF

10/09/09 “How to pick locks and escape handcuffs” PDF

10/07/09 ” Securing documents proves tricky” PDF

10/07/09 “SSL Still Mostly Misunderstood “ PDF

10/07/09 “The Reality Behind SQL Injection Attacks “ PDF

10/07/09 “Malware Economy is Thriving” PDF

10/07/09 “Canada Launching DNSSEC Test-Bed for Country’s
.CA Domain”

10/07/09 “How a Las Vegas casino was infected by malware” PDF

10/07/09 ” Security needs to move beyond detection” PDF

10/07/09 Hackers Target Xbox Live PDF

10/07/09 “DNSSEC Deployment Heads North” PDF

10/06/09 ” A stormy road to cloud security” PDF

10/06/09 “SecTor hands out first Canadian IT Security Awards” PDF

10/06/09 “Canadian IT Security Award Winners” PDF

10/05/09 “Media Advisory: CIRA to Launch DNSSEC Test-Bed
at Sector Conference”

09/15/09 “SecTor conference adds awards for year three” PDF

09/15/09 “The seedy underbelly of online crime” PDF

09/03/09 “Careers: Interviews Robert Beggs, International
Security Authority, Board Member Sector Advisory Council,
President DigitalDefence”

09/03/09 “Brian O’Higgins, Top International Security Executive
and Expert, Board Member Sector Advisory Council,
CTO Third Brigade”

09/03/09 “CIPS Connections: David Millier, Security Authority,
Board Member Sector Advisory Council”

09/03/09 “{You shape} it: Bruce Cowper, Top International Security
Authority, Chief Security Advisor Microsoft Canada”

09/01/09 “Exposing the black side of security” PDF

08/31/09 “‘Freakshow’ Provides Inside Look At Real Malware
Behind Big Breaches”

07/28/09 “SecTor Announces Canadian IT Security Awards” PDF

01/01/09 “Your biggest security risk is your own people” JPG

Sector 2008– 2009 Press Room

04/11/08 “Three ways for security and compliance” PDF

09/10/08 “No/Low/High-Tech Hacking: It All Matters” PDF

09/10/08 “Canada’s PIPEDA act becoming more prominent” PDF

10/10/08 “Think before you buy VAs” PDF

09/10/08 “How security pros can do their job well and still be liked” PDF

08/10/08 “Online players beware the video game police” PDF

08/10/08 “XBOX Live Exec Leans on his Security Background” PDF

08/10/08 “Security admins offer their risk management pitch” – PDF

08/10/08 “Avoiding the hassle of data compliance enforcement PDF

08/10/08 “Metasploit 3.2 Offers More ‘Evil Deeds'” PDF

07/10/08 “Coming soon: a Canadian cyber-security strategy” PDF

07/10/08 “RCMP to collaborate with private sector on cyber

07/10/08 “SecTor looks to build Canadian security community” PDF

07/10/08 “Communications a missing aspect of security: panel” PDF

06/10/08 “Man-in-the-middle attack tool automates hacks for
non-Web security experts”

02/10/08 “How to Root Out Bots in Your Network” PDF

Sector 2007– 2007 Press Room

Dec 07 “SecTor makes a security splash in Toronto” JPG

23/11/07 “The Bourne identity” PDF

22/11/07 “Keep security simple, stupid” PDF

22/11/07 ” IT security linked to better career prospects: Survey”

22/11/07 “Keep security simple, stupid” PDF

22/11/07 “The RCMP needs your help to get its cyber man” PDF

22/11/07 “SecTor event highlights holes in DNS, databases” PDF

22/11/07 “SecTor event highlights holes in DNS, databases” PDF

21/11/07 “RCMP calls for security pros help on cybercrime” PDF

21/11/07 “Canadian firms admit data protection challenges” PDF

21/11/07 “RCMP calls for security pros help on cybercrime” PDF

21/11/07 “How to avoid social engineering attacks”

21/11/07 “How to avoid social engineering attacks” PDF

21/11/07 “Hacker unveils the basics at SecTor” PDF

20/11/07 “Priorities, resources in security vary for IT pros” PDF

20/11/07 “IT pros say security know-how crucial to successful

20/11/07 “Should security pros get organized?” PDF

16/11/07 “Attackers profiting from IT blinders” PDF

14/11/07 “A helping hand in the battle against cyber crime” PDF

09/11/07 “High Road Communications helps SecTor prepare to
host world-renowned IT security speakers”

26/10/07 “TASK kicks off Canadian IT security week” PDF

26/10/07 “What Not to Do After a Security Breachs” PDF

26/10/07 “ExploitMe: Free Firefox Plug-Ins Test Web Apps” PDF

25/11/07 “Phoenix Partners With Rutkowska in Securing Hypervisor” PDF

09/10/07 “Researchers Create New ‘Fingerprinting’ Method”

09/10/07 “SecTor conference spawns IT Security Week” PDF

06/06/07 “Security at a standstill” PDF

05/30/07 “Survey indicates Canadian businesses looking for more
security education”

05/24/07 “Survey highlights security skills gap” PDF

05//24/07 “Canadian companies must ‘urgently address’
security skills gap”

05/23/07 PRESS RELEASE “New Survey Shows Canadian
Businesses Are Looking For More Security Education”

05/08/07 “Municipalities tap IT security community” PDF

03/26/07 “The community should unite for security” PDF

02/05/07 “Toronto firms plan Black Hat-style security