Are you fully prepared for SecTor 2015? Here are some last minute things to look out for.


We’re down to the wire. It’s the last weekend before one of the most important Canadian security events of the year. Next week sees the official opening of SecTor’s ninth security conference, and co-organiser Bruce Cowper has a video message about it here.

Here are a few things to know about the SecTor conference this year. First, the most obvious: Register, if you haven’t already. There’s still time.

Attendees get to choose from 65 speakers, including keynotes such as big data privacy guru Ann Cavoukian, and US Secret Service agent Jason Brown. You’ll get to choose from talks on malware analysis, the dangers of home automation gadgetry, and how devious cybercriminals are using the Darknet to pilfer the financial sector.

When you need a breather, you can head over to the Lockpick Village, where lock guru Schuyler Towne will tell you everything you need to know about the more mechanical side of security. And at the IoT Hacking Lab, experts from Tripwire will walk you through the kinds of vulnerabilities hidden away inside your smart TVs and other connected gadgets.

As a community-focused event, SecTor always makes its presentation slides and videos available for viewing after the event – for free. This year will be no exception. You can expect this year’s information to join the assets from past years’ events here sometime in early November.

Finally, use the event app, Eventboard, to navigate your way around the conference. Download the app here, for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Windows. Search for SecTor 2015 in the conference listings. Alternatively, use the mobile web interface for the SecTor conference here.

See you next week!


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