Get in on the ground floor


Today is a big day for Black Arts Illuminated, SecTor’s parent company. Early bird registration for its new conference, IT Futures, opens today, in co-ordination with a brand new web site.IT Futures will give technology experts and businesspeople alike a unique view into emerging technologies, explaining how they will shape our future.

Canadians looking for this perspective haven’t easily been able to find it before. Conferences have focused on present technology trends, and have concentrated on specific sub-sectors. IT Futures will look forward, showcasing technology concepts that are not yet available, or only just surfacing.

The inaugural IT Futures conference in Toronto this May will change all that. It will focus on the information technology currently in the pipeline, examining its current status and assessing its future potential. Perhaps most importantly, it will show today’s attendees what this technology will mean for them tomorrow.

IT Futures will appeal to visitors from a variety of backgrounds and technology interests. Those working professionally with technology will be able to take a deep dive into how tomorrow’s tech will work, and how they can best absorb it into their own operations.

While IT pros learn about the mechanics of tomorrow’s technology, attendees with a business background can explore what it will mean for them; how it will affect their bottom line, how they can use it to be more productive, and perhaps most importantly, how it will change the way that they deal with customers in the future.

A decade in the making

IT Futures was only announced last October, but it has been years in the making. Brian Bourne and Bruce Cowper, the founders of Black Arts Illuminated, have been honing their skills ever since starting the Toronto Area Security Klatch (TASK) in 2005, followed by SecTor in 2006.

Brian and Bruce learned how to seek out and recruit excellent speakers, and how to engineer a conference schedule with a broad array of topics appealing to a range of attendees, no matter what their level of expertise.

To understand the unique perspective that IT Futures will give new attendees, you only have to look at its advisory team. Brian and Bruce are joined by technology experts from blue-chip technology companies, academia, and commerce. Serial technology investors rub shoulders with industry analysts to help decide on an exciting array of topics for the inaugural conference.

IT Futures will be releasing more information about those topics, along with details of the speakers and sessions, over the next few months.

Those who have attended SecTor conferences know the level of quality to expect from Black Arts Illuminated. IT Futures will run on May 31 and June 1 at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, with a training day on May 30. Early bird registration for IT Futures is open now. Register here before midnight on February 29 2016 and get a $200 saving.


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