You may have seen the announcement that SecTor 2021 will be a hybrid event. What does this really mean?

The virtual event we put on last year is a sure thing this year. And just like last year, all content will be available on the SwapCard platform live during the conference and for 90 days after the show. Attendees can interact via chat, we’ll have live Q&A, etc. This is what the Full Conference Pass is based on. For the purposes of both applying sales tax and expectation management, the price you pay is for the virtual event and all the content.

Now for the in-person details.

The truth is, we still don’t know what the state of the pandemic will be by November. Will we all be vaccinated? Will we all be in lockdown due to some new variant of concern? There are lots of early indicators that support optimism for a return to more in-person activities by November, but it is simply too early to tell for sure what this will look like. Here is what we can tell you: it won’t be “SecTor as usual”, hence the greatly reduced ticket price.

The in-person experience might mean following directional arrows, physical distancing, mask wearing, and reduced occupancy of breakout rooms. While we would love to have speakers there in-person, depending on borders and speaker travel, sessions may be streamed in breakout rooms. We’re going to do as much as seems safe and practical. To allow sufficient time to execute on a plan, we’re going to make these decisions in early August and communicate them at that time.

We will add as much as is safe in November, but you can get your ticket now knowing you’ll get all that valuable content no matter what happens!

SecTor Management


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