ShadowBrokers Go Out With A Whimper

Note: Story updated on April 17 to reflect second dump of Shadowbrokers files. The ShadowBrokers hacking group made two more splashes this month, resulting in both a ripple and a wave. Firstly, it released the password for the archive of NSA hacking tools that it originally tried to sell off last August, causing a collective ‘meh’ […]

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If you won't patch your software these guys will

If Vendors Won’t Patch Their Software, This Firm Will

What happens if you’re a vendor that’s slow to patch a known flaw? It’s possible that someone else may step in and do it for you. That’s what has been happening for the past few months with products from vendors such as Adobe and Microsoft. Most recently, Slovenian security consulting firm Acros Security stepped in […]

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The hacker who came in from the cold

A former Canadian hacker is back in the limelight – this time, with a documentary preaching cybersecurity, and a top film festival slot. So how did Michael Calce get from there, to here? Back in 2000 when Calce was 15, he was better known as Mafiaboy. He became infamous for discovering a common weakness in […]

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Security standards for the blockchain

In the future, your data may be secured not by some central gatekeeper, but by a vast, distributed set of participants, each holding some or all of it. Blockchain technology is the new frontier of cybersecurity, but it’s also the Wild West of information architecture. What efforts are being made to standardize it? The blockchain […]

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Cybersecurity training is broken

Video: Cybersecurity training is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

User awareness training isn’t working. It hasn’t worked for a while. There are good reasons for this, and as cybersecurity threats mount, it would be good for security pros to understand them. SecTor sat down with several experts at its tenth annual conference in October 2016 and asked them what was wrong. Here’s what they […]

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Single Biggest Cybersecurity Measure

Video: Your Single Biggest Cybersecurity Improvement

There are, at the time of writing, 331 days until the new year. That’s’ a lifetime in cybersecurity. What major goals are you hoping to achieve in your cybersecurity practice before then? SecTor sat down with six experts to get their recommendations for the single priority to focus on in 2017. Here’s what they had […]

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Can we balance security with user convenience

Video: Why users are at war with their systems

Your next major cybersecurity threat may come not from ransomware or an open telnet port, but from a paper cup. In the wrong hands, it can become a deadly weapon. The latest in our SecTor video series shows how. Every day, users are at war with their computers and software. The very systems that are […]

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What Makes a Good CISO

Video: What Makes a Successful CISO?

  What makes a successful Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)? It’s a job title that has only existed for a relatively short time. At SecTor 2015, keynote speaker Trey Ford mentioned that many CISOs were in the job for the first time and feeling their way around the role. A year later at SecTor 2016, […]

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Wassenaar Agreement - should information be weaponry?

What The Wassenaar Arrangement means for cybersecurity pros

Should information be treated like weaponry? The world isn’t sure – and it’s causing cybersecurity companies and researchers real headaches. Hopes for a key resolution on export controls were dashed after annual talks concluded in December – and that leaves some key questions unresolved. The talks were part of the Wassenaar Arrangement, an agreement between […]

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2017 security challenges

Video: What are the biggest security challenges in 2017?

From IoT to dealing with data at scale, the challenges for security pros in 2017 will be as daunting as ever. Last year at the tenth annual SecTor conference, security experts revealed what they thought the biggest challenges of the year might be – and we caught it all on camera. This is the first […]

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2016 predictions review

2016 predictions: how did the fortune tellers do?

It’s the end of the year and the 2017 predictions are flooding in. From the mundane to the mad, companies are falling over themselves to tell us what will happen in the coming year. Here at SecTor, we thought we’d take a different approach and look back to last year’s predictions. What were people saying […]

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