Beware Fake SecTor Scammers

PSA: Beware Fake SecTor Scams

One of the unfortunate side effects of building a successful conference is that it draws the scammers out of the woodwork. If someone contacts you and you can’t validate what they tell you by referring to the secured SecTor website at then contact us to confirm the information. Our call out teams will only […]

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Compromising Industrial Robots

Sabotage and Subterfuge: Hacking Industrial Robots

Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics are safe, sensible rules. First laid out in 1942, rule number one prevents a robot from harming a human being. The second forces it to obey orders given it by people, except where such orders would conflict with the first law. Finally, it must protect its own existence as […]

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Where have all the grey hack BBSs gone?

Charting Hacker Hangouts From BBS To Slack

Where have all the grey hat hacker forums gone? Grey hats were always a valuable part of the hacker community. They may sometimes cross ethical lines, but unlike black hats they’re in it to learn, not to make money. A black hat might intend to steal credit cards and resell them online. A grey hat […]

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Autism Could Help Bridge Cybersecurity Skills Gap

How Autism Could Help Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Companies across north America are facing more cybersecurity pressures and can’t find the staff to help them. Now, a group of experts is exploring an overlooked segment of the population to help: those on the autism spectrum. The cybersecurity skills gap is growing, says Marian Merritt, lead for industry engagement at the National Initiative for […]

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A look inside the phishing business

A Look Inside the Phishing Business

Times are good for online criminals. Phishing has been a problem for years, but thanks to the booming online criminal economy, it has never been easier or cheaper for black hats to harvest account details for financial and other web sites. A report from Israeli security firm ClearSky Cybersecurity shows that you can get a […]

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Is It Time To Regulate the IoT?

US Senators just introduced new legislation to regulate the purchase of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Why did they do it, and what chance is there of success? On August 1. the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act would set minimum security requirements for federal procurements of connected devices. These include the ability to patch […]

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Business Email Compromise

How To Fight Business Email Compromise

For years, email has been an ideal way for attackers to get into an organization. A decade ago, phishing was a simple way to harvest login details from consumers and employees alike. These days, the technique has evolved into a precision form of cybercrime that can deliver quick returns for online crooks. Welcome to the […]

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Cloud Developer Security

Avoiding Cloud Developer Security Mistakes

If you’re a startup developing native cloud apps, then resources like Amazon Web Services are a great way to test your assumptions and then scale your business. Used improperly, though, they’re also an excellent way to expose your code and customer data online. This November, Sean Cassidy, CTO of DefenseStorm, will show you how attackers […]

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The Man Who Can Make iCloud Rain

Apple has had its fair share of privacy and security controversies in the last few years. There was ‘Celebgate’, in which celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked, causing Apple to hurriedly revamp its authentication process. It has endured a spat with the FBI over iPhone password access, while also admitting that it keeps the keys […]

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Blockchain ID

The Blockchain: Your New ID Card

Proving your identity and stopping others from impersonating you has always been a difficult problem to solve, both online and off. We haven’t cracked the problem yet. That’s why 6.6% of ID theft in the US last year involved forged government documents, and why passport theft is such a big business. When someone steals name, […]

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Incident Response

How To Handle A Security Breach

Dealing with a security incident is difficult to do well, but easy to do badly. The headlines are filled with examples of bungled security incidents. There’s the fudging: UK telco TalkTalk initially confused customers with conflicting statements after its 2015 breach, which saw it lose 157,000 customers’ financial details. There’s the failure: The OPM’s mismanagement […]

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