What the cybersecurity community could do better in 2018

How the Cybersecurity Community Could Improve in 2018

2018 is here, and it’s time to take stock and look for areas of self-improvement. That goes not just for companies looking at their own security, but also for vendors tackling the cybersecurity market in 2018. SecTor asked its team of experts what single thing they thought the cybersecurity industry could be doing better in […]

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What Cybersecurity Experts Hope For In 2018

What Cybersecurity Experts Hope For In 2018

2017 has been a roller coaster year. Data breaches continued to get larger and more severe. Equifax dropped the personal details of up to 145m people, while leaving millions of citizens’ personal data unencrypted on cloud storage became a trend. Things couldn’t get much worse from a security standpoint, but the new year is a […]

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The Internet's Biggest Threat Is Under The Sea

The Internet’s Biggest Threat Lies Under the Sea

Something murky is going on again under the sea. In the UK, defence staff chief Sir Stuart Peach has warned that Russia has been operating ships near the undersea cables that digitally connect the US, Europe, and others. He worries that Russians cutting those cables represent “a new risk to our prosperity and way of […]

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Black Friday Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Report Card Says Retailers Must Try Harder

‘Tis the season for retailers, who face their busiest time of the year in terms of online and offline sales. This week’s US Thanksgiving shopping spree kicks off a bumper season that takes in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday (December 11) and Free Shipping Day (Dec 15), not to mention the Christmas panic buying […]

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Building botnets with the blockchain

Building Botnets on the Blockchain

Whenever a new technology comes along, it isn’t long before someone works out how to use it for nefarious purposes. The latest is the blockchain underpinning Ethereum, which is a next-generation network for running decentralized applications. At SecTor this week, security researcher Majid Malaika reveals how to use one of Ethereum’s most innovative features to […]

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Winning Defense

What Winning Looks Like In Cybersecurity

Allison Miller didn’t start as a cybersecurity expert. The product manager for privacy and security at Google originally studied business and economics, before working in ecommerce and finance. When she takes the stage to keynote at SecTor 2017 this month, she’ll be drawing on her expertise in those fields to talk about how cybersecurity can […]

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Beware Fake SecTor Scammers

PSA: Beware Fake SecTor Scams

One of the unfortunate side effects of building a successful conference is that it draws the scammers out of the woodwork. If someone contacts you and you can’t validate what they tell you by referring to the secured SecTor website at https://sector.ca/ then contact us to confirm the information. Our call out teams will only […]

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Compromising Industrial Robots

Sabotage and Subterfuge: Hacking Industrial Robots

Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics are safe, sensible rules. First laid out in 1942, rule number one prevents a robot from harming a human being. The second forces it to obey orders given it by people, except where such orders would conflict with the first law. Finally, it must protect its own existence as […]

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Where have all the grey hack BBSs gone?

Charting Hacker Hangouts From BBS To Slack

Where have all the grey hat hacker forums gone? Grey hats were always a valuable part of the hacker community. They may sometimes cross ethical lines, but unlike black hats they’re in it to learn, not to make money. A black hat might intend to steal credit cards and resell them online. A grey hat […]

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Autism Could Help Bridge Cybersecurity Skills Gap

How Autism Could Help Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Companies across north America are facing more cybersecurity pressures and can’t find the staff to help them. Now, a group of experts is exploring an overlooked segment of the population to help: those on the autism spectrum. The cybersecurity skills gap is growing, says Marian Merritt, lead for industry engagement at the National Initiative for […]

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A look inside the phishing business

A Look Inside the Phishing Business

Times are good for online criminals. Phishing has been a problem for years, but thanks to the booming online criminal economy, it has never been easier or cheaper for black hats to harvest account details for financial and other web sites. A report from Israeli security firm ClearSky Cybersecurity shows that you can get a […]

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