What Happens To Your Bitcoin After You Die

What Happens To Your Bitcoin After You Die?

Your last will and testament used to focus on things like physical property and cash in the bank. Now in a world of digital assets, that’s all changing. Jennifer Robertson should know. She was the partner of Canadian cryptocurrency entrepreneur Gerald Cotten. Cotten, who founded cryptocurrency exchange QuadricaCX, passed away in India in early December […]

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Brian Bourne

SecTor 2019 CFP Selection Process

An update from Brian Bourne, director and co-founder of Black Arts Illuminated Inc. We are regularly asked how to have a talk accepted at SecTor. We strive to give every submission the diligence it deserves and as the conference has grown, we have moved from simple email submissions to a submission portal at cfp.sector.ca. The […]

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Here's What To Know About Cybersecurity in 2019

Here’s What To Know About Cybersecurity in 2019

It’s 2019, and the cybersecurity landscape is more volatile than ever. Data breaches are increasing in number and size as the battle for valuable customer records heats up. Cybersecurity professionals are having to rethink the way that they protect their organizations against attackers, using a combination of tools and techniques to shore up their defences. […]

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Capture the Flag at SecTor 2018

Our friends at Nuix put together an amazing Capture the Flag (CtF) contest at SecTor 2018. For those of you who attempted and succeeded, congratulations. There were numerous participants but only a select few made it to the finish line. For those who attempted but were unable to finish, or you didn’t know where to start, the […]

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Stories From the Founder of ShmooCon

Stories from the Founder of ShmooCon

Bruce Potter has had a more eclectic career than most in cybersecurity. He has run an Alaskan ISP on a shoestring and walked the halls of government contractors, where everything had to be signed in triplicate. In the meantime, he’s visited pretty much everywhere else in between. He also runs popular security conference ShmooCon when he […]

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Keren Elazari - How Hackers Are Changing the World Together

How Hackers Are Changing the World Together

Keren Elazari has spent her life researching and participating in hacker communities. The Israeli-born cybersecurity expert, a senior researcher at the Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, founded BSides Tel Aviv and is a strong advocate for those ethical hackers who break things to make them stronger. Her keynote address at SecTor 2018 focused […]

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Mark Nunnikhoven Are We Set UP To Fail

Are We Setup To Fail?

If security was just a case of patching software and checking malware hashes, it would be easy. In reality, it’s difficult. Really, really difficult. Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president of cloud research at Trend Micro, spent his SecTor 2018 keynote talking about why and how we got here. We sat down with him to discuss his […]

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A Conversation With The Invisible Man

A Conversation With The Invisible Man

Not everyone can sit in a meeting with hard-headed senior officials at a major defence contractor and introduce themselves as Freaky Clown. But this guy can. When you’ve broken into thousands of military and government buildings, you get a certain level of self confidence. Freaky Clown, who calls himself FC for short, is a UK-based […]

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When Smart Contracts Aren't So Smart

When Smart Contracts Aren’t So Smart

Sarah Friend and John (J) Maurelian are smart contract security gurus, at a time when most people still don’t really know what a smart contract is. The software experts, from Ethereum development studio Consensys, spend their time rooting out programming flaws that could cost blockchain users hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they’re ready to tell some […]

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Fixing Insecure Code, One Developer At A Time

When she moved from coding into security, Tanya Janca just couldn’t bring herself to leave software development alone. That’s a good thing for the rest of us. When she found cross-site scripting (XSS) problems cropping up in one developer’s code, she asked if it would be ok to come spend some time with him at […]

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when clouds rain data

How A Map of the Cloud Leaked Online

Another day, another treasure trove left publicly available in the cloud by a hapless admin. This time, GoDaddy found the configuration details for its servers in full public view on an Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3) bucket. Security firm UpGuard discovered the data languishing online in June stored on the Amazon service, which enables customers […]

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