What to Expect from SecTor 2021

It goes without saying that we’ll be following all provincial health guidelines including social distancing, mask use, vaccination requirements and capacity limits. Here’s what we can tell you about SecTor 2021 with a fair level of confidence. SecTor 2021 has been planned and ticket priced, as a “hybrid event” from the beginning. Our intention has […]

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Going Hybrid

You may have seen the announcement that SecTor 2021 will be a hybrid event. What does this really mean? The virtual event we put on last year is a sure thing this year. And just like last year, all content will be available on the SwapCard platform live during the conference and for 90 days […]

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When Malware Developers Slip Up

Cybersecurity researchers spend their lives finding security flaws in programs so that vendors can fix them, but bugs aren’t exclusive to legitimate software. Malicious software authors make mistakes too. Where do they go to find out about them? In January, cybersecurity researcher John Page launched Malvuln, a site that documents bugs in malware. The site […]

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How to stop the open source security rot

A lot of software depends on open source. Web apps, and plenty of enterprise applications, draw on libraries maintained by volunteers. Open source software helps cut development time and cost. For many development teams, it’s also a poison pill. According to GitHub’s annual State of the Octoverse security report, most of the projects that it […]

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How To Make Encrypted Data More Secure

If the last few years’ barrage of data breaches has taught us anything, it’s that protecting information with strong encryption is mandatory for any good security team. But what kind of encryption should you use? There are plenty of challenges facing people that want to store sensitive information safely in 2020. One of the biggest […]

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predicting the pandemic

This Data Scientist Has A Grim Pandemic Prediction

At the end of September, Ontario premier Doug Ford was predicting a second COVID-19 wave. “We don’t know how bad it will be,” he said – but Stephan Jou had a pretty good idea. The data scientist, who specialises in using artificial intelligence for cybersecurity, had developed a tool with his team to predict the […]

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How A Personal Data Breach Changed This Privacy Engineer’s Career

2020 SecTor keynote speaker Dr Tracy Ann Kosa got into privacy for personal reasons: She suffered her own data breach. “I was working on my master’s thesis at the University of Manitoba, and my hard drive died,” she recalls. She called a repair company for help. The visiting technician removed her hard drive and scraped […]

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How a Self-Made Cybersecurity Expert Tracked Down a Rogue Admin

When Paula Januszkiewicz isn’t chasing down intruders or examining technology evidence for legal cases, she’s poring over the Windows source code, learning more about its inner workings. The founder of security consulting company CQURE is an IT security auditor and penetration tester, cloud and data center management MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer, and also holds […]

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why we don't learn from cybersecurity mistakes

Why We Don’t Learn From Our Cybersecurity Mistakes

No one will remember you for the mistakes you make. It’s how you deal with them afterwards that defines you. The most mature people own and correct their slip-ups, learning from them to avoid future repetitions. When it comes to cybersecurity, though, Mark Sangster says that companies aren’t that good at the learning part, meaning […]

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This Bot Could Help Cyberstalking Victims Escape Their Abusers

All was well on the SecTor social medsia channel until we started seeing some strange tweets mentioning us in July. “we stopped in the colonnade , And went on in sunlight , into the Hofgarten“, said one. Another was a long string of apostrophes. They came from Joe Gray, a noted SecTor speaker who will […]

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Researchers reveal how bias undermines your cybersecurity

Researchers Reveal How Bias Undermines Your Cybersecurity

Companies face a constant cybersecurity challenge. The risks they face are many and varied, but there is only so much time and money to go around. Choosing which cybersecurity risks to address is a pressing problem, and a new report suggests that they often get it wrong. At the virtual SecTor conference this year, researchers […]

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