why we don't learn from cybersecurity mistakes

Why We Don’t Learn From Our Cybersecurity Mistakes

No one will remember you for the mistakes you make. It’s how you deal with them afterwards that defines you. The most mature people own and correct their slip-ups, learning from them to avoid future repetitions. When it comes to cybersecurity, though, Mark Sangster says that companies aren’t that good at the learning part, meaning […]

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This Bot Could Help Cyberstalking Victims Escape Their Abusers

All was well on the SecTor social medsia channel until we started seeing some strange tweets mentioning us in July. “we stopped in the colonnade , And went on in sunlight , into the Hofgarten“, said one. Another was a long string of apostrophes. They came from Joe Gray, a noted SecTor speaker who will […]

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Researchers reveal how bias undermines your cybersecurity

Researchers Reveal How Bias Undermines Your Cybersecurity

Companies face a constant cybersecurity challenge. The risks they face are many and varied, but there is only so much time and money to go around. Choosing which cybersecurity risks to address is a pressing problem, and a new report suggests that they often get it wrong. At the virtual SecTor conference this year, researchers […]

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Should we have a non-COVID-19 hacking code?

Can We Have A Non-COVID-19 Hacking Code?

SARS-CoV2, the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic, isn’t the only pathogen that’s been spreading around the world lately. It has spawned a corresponding slew of cyber attacks. Unlike many other cyber actions targeting areas like finance and manufacturing, though, these ones could cost lives. Isn’t there an ethical code for attackers during a global crisis […]

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Harnessing hacker talent early yields promising results

Harnessing Hacker Talent Early Yields Promising Results

Many parents are struggling to keep their teens engaged and busy while home from school during the COVID-19 health crisis. For some young people in the UK, help is at hand thanks to a program from the UK government. Law enforcement and government cybersecurity officials have launched a program called Virtual Cyber School, which aims […]

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Despite COVID-19, experts warn against online voting

With over 450,000 COVID-19 cases in the US at the time of writing, thoughts are turning to the election in November. If the health crisis hasn’t abated by then, how will the US vote? The US electoral system is fragmented, with states and counties handling the voting process according to their own rules. Wisconsin went […]

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Inside the Shadowserver crisis

Inside the Shadowserver Crisis

This week hasn’t been the best for the Shadowserver Foundation. The nonprofit is fighting for its life after its main US sponsor pulled the plug. How did we get here, what does this mean for the internet, and what’s next? Shadowserver began in 2004 as a purely voluntary initiative started by Nicholas Albright. Furious to […]

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SecTor 2020 and COVID-19

The situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to develop quickly. In the 24 hours preceding this post we’ve seen travel from the United States to mainland Europe discontinued. Schools in the Toronto area are not returning until at least April 5 and large gatherings are either being discouraged or disallowed depending on the region. We remain optimistic […]

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What exposed docker registries tell us about cloud deployments

What Exposed Docker Registries Tell Us About Cloud Deployments

If you’ve delved into cloud technologies at all, you’ve probably run across the concept of containers. They promise to streamline your software developments, but they come with their own dark lining. This week, Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 research team published some shocking security research about container registries that should give us pause about how […]

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a trying time for US election security

A Trying Time for US Election Cybersecurity

With less than a year to go until America chooses its next president, its election security needs some work. Last week, Mick Baccio, the CISO for democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg, quit the campaign. He cited “a fundamental philosophical difference with campaign management regarding the architecture and scope of the information security program.” This leaves democrats […]

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Passing a standard for bug reporting

Security.txt: A Standard Signpost For Ethical Hackers

A proposal that makes it easier to submit bug reports is close to getting the final stamp of approval – but even when it does, there’s still a lot of work to do. Edwin Foudil first submitted security.txt as an Internet Draft to the Internet Engineering Task Force in September 2017. It’s a format for […]

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