A new event from the creators of SecTor


Most years, the SecTor conference is about exploits, vulnerabilities, and security strategy. This year, though, there was one significant difference. This morning at SecTor 2015, co-organiser Bryan Bourne announced a new conference: IT Futures.

Running May 30-June 1 2016 at the Metropolitan Convention Centre, IT Futures sheds new light on the future of technology. It explores the technology pipeline, identifying emerging trends in areas ranging from augmented reality to machine learning and beyond.

IT Futures is designed for both technology professionals and business users alike. It identifies the technologies that you may be using months or years from now, exploring their technical nuances and potential applications.

The conference will look to the future, but won’t be starry-eyed. It will evaluate tech innovations to find out how relevant they will be and what challenges they face as they move down the technology pipeline.

Think of IT Futures as an aggregation point for information about emerging technology, both near and long term. Look to it for advice about the technical and business implications of the hardware, software and information architectures that you’ll be using tomorrow.

You can read more about the IT Futures conference on its new blog. Don’t forget to check out its Facebook page and Twitter account regularly for all that’s new about the future of tech.