Event Information

SecTor 2022 will feature Keynotes from the IT industry’s most respected and trusted experts and Speakers who are true security professionals with depth of understanding on topics that matter. SecTor is a must attend event for every IT Professional.

For Technical Security Professionals

For the technically savvy attendee, there is a wealth of content and learning opportunities. Content is selected based on timeliness, relevance and practicality. We do our best to ensure that the content is both current and useful.

For Management

SecTor was founded on a passion for security and it doesn’t take long to realize that security extends far beyond the bits and bytes. Our promise is to ensure that we provide quality content – current information you can’t get anywhere else. The same rigor and dedication that our advisors apply to the selection of the technical content is also invested in selecting the management track session. Marketing fluff is not allowed or tolerated. Your time is valuable and our commitment to you is to provide the information that you need to know.


SecTor is Canada’s premier IT Security Education Conference. The annual event where IT Security professionals gather to learn from and network with the world’s most innovative, intellectual, exciting and entertaining security professionals. SecTor is IT security training at its best.


SecTor was created by founders of TASK, North America’s largest and most successful IT security user group. After many years of attending IT Security events in the United States, and being disappointed that no similar event existed in central Canada, the decision was made to fill the void. SecTor has built a reputation of bringing together experts from around the world to share their latest research and techniques. In a non-threatening and productive way, SecTor sheds light on the underground threats and mischief that threaten corporate and personal IT systems. Through identifying, discussing, dissecting and debating these digital threats, the strongest defences can be mounted.

Black Arts Defined

Hacker Slang – black art

A collection of arcane, unpublished, and (by implication) mostly ad-hoc techniques developed for a particular application or systems area (compare black magic)…. The huge proliferation of formal and informal channels for spreading around new computer-related technologies during the last twenty years has made both the term black art and what it describes less common than formerly. See also voodoo programming.