2018 SESSIONS At A Glance

SecTor Management and the Advisory Committee look forward to once again bringing the world’s best speakers in the field of IT Security to Toronto.

Some of your feedback requested a simple list of sessions where you could scan what’s happening at a glance, like the format in years past. Below you will find just that.

Please visit the schedule page for a complete breakdown of when each session will occur, along with a more comprehensive filtering feature.

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Are We Setup to Fail? - Mark Nunnikhoven
Collaborating for a Secure Canada - Scott Jones
The Future of Cyber Security – From a Friendly Hacker’s Perspective - Keren Elazari
Translating a Lifetime of Learning into Cyber Risk Management - Bruce Potter
5G: Security Status and Opportunities - Marc Kneppers
Alexa, what did I do Last Summer? - Vladimir Katalov
ATT&CKing the Command Line and Hunting for More - Evan Gaustad
Conquering Complexity: Addressing Security Challenges of the Connected Vehicle - Ted Shorter
Deep Learning – Classifying Malicious Websites with Image Recognition Models - Akbar Qureshi
Don’t @ Me Hunting Twitter Bots at Scale - Olabode Anise
Exploiting Hardware Wallet’s Secure Element - Sergei Volokitin
Fail Panel: Revenge of the Sixth - Ben Sapiro, Bruce Potter, Dave Lewis, James Arlen, Nick Johnston
HomeBrew: Developing Your Own (Threat) Intel - Chris Brewer, Chris Woods
How to Select your Future Hardware Security Module (HSM) - Bruno Couillard
How to Spot a Fake: Improve Your Security Operations with Real-world AI - Stephan Jou
Securing Robots at Scale - Talha Tariq
Security is an Illusion: How I Rob Banks - FC aka ‘Freakyclown’
Serverless Infections – Malware Just Found a New Home - Shimi Eshkenazi
Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: The Most Interesting Transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain - J. Maurelian, Sarah Friend
The Chrome Crusader - Lilly Chalupowski
The Hunt is on! Advanced Memory Forensics Meets NextGen Actionable Threat Intelligence - Solomon Sonya
The New Paradigm of Security Controls - John Lambert
Twisted Haystack: Protecting Industrial Systems with Dynamic Deception - Lane Thames
Unblockable Chains – Is Blockchain the Ultimate Malicious Infrastructure? - Omer Zohar
Why Memory Attacks are on the Rise and How to Stop Them - Josh Fu
Ashley Madison: Cybersecurity in a World of Discretion - Matthew Maglieri
How Identity Management is Transforming Modern Business - Sarah Squire
Integrating Privacy Engineering into Your Security Practices - John Wunderlich
ISO 27001 & The GDPR - Andrew Clearwater
Turning Your Cybersecurity Toddlers into Warriors! - Shira Shamban
Who’s Watching the Watchers? Keeping Your Security Provider Honest - Mark Sangster
Why Can’t We Build Secure Software? - Tanya Janca
SECurity FUNdamentals
25 Techniques to Gather Threat Intel and Track Actors - Sun Huang, Wayne Huang
A Peep into the Iron Triangle: IoT Purchasing in a ‘Me First’ Society - Tyler Reguly
Building Bespoke Threat Intelligence Enrichment Platforms - Sean Tierney
Make Your Own Cloud Security Monitoring Solution - John Ventura
PCI for Pen Testers, Now with 100% More Cloud! - Joe Pierini
Pragmatic Cloud Security: The Future is Now - Mike Rothman
Threat Hunting: From Platitudes to Practical Application - Neil “Grifter” Wyler
Sponsor Track
Achieving Secure Digital Transformation: Turning the Dream into Reality - David Millar
Behavior Analytics and Model Driven Security - Leslie K. Lambert
Breach Readiness, Mandatory Reporting and You! - Danny Pehar
Case Studies in Defending Your Digital Enterprise - Matt Broda
Crowd Sourced Security – Applying the Wisdom of the Crowd to Cyber Defences - John “Lex” Robinson
Cybersecurity Evolution/Cost Reduction Paradox - Ajay Sood
Developing and Implementing an Effective Endpoint Security Strategy - Kurtis Armour
Encryption is More than a Button - Alex Loo
Everything or Nothing: Active Defense in the Corporate World? - Aamir Lakhani
From Profit to Destruction: Analyzing Today’s Threat Landscape - Earl Carter
Internet of Things: Is Winter Coming? - Robert Falzon
Minority Report: A Predictive “Pre-crime” Approach Requires a Human Focus - Charles Keane
On the Eve of Quantum Computing: The Definitive Need for Crypto Agility - Chris Hickman
Orchestrate. Automate. Accelerate. - Jadon Montero
Reinventing PC & Printer Security - Kurt Lysy
Security Powered by Big Data - David Soto
Standing Up to Cryptojacking – Best Practices for Fighting Back - Matthew Hickey
Streamlining Compliance Programs for Operational Security - Mark Holub
The Human Firewall is on Fire – What Do You Do When the Smoke Clears? - Mounil Patel
The Real Deal About AI - Josh Fu
Developing Your Career in IT Security (2018) - Brian Bourne, Dave Millier, Maxwell Shuftan, Laura Payne, Stephan Jou, Donald Messier
Angad: A Malware Detection Framework Using Multi-Dimensional Visualization - Ankur Tyagi
Elytron: Next-Generation Security for Java Servers - Farah Juma
Extending Your Incident Response Capabilities with Sysmon - Peter Morin
Heimdall: Vulnerable Host Discovery and Lifecycle Monitoring Toolkit - Andrea Braschi
How much Cyber Insurance Do You Need, or Do You Need it at All? - Julien Ducloy
Keyspace Reduction in Mechanical Locks - Schuyler Towne
Malboxes: Make Malware Analysis More Accessible - Olivier Bilodeau
Weapons of a Pentester – 2018 Edition - Nick Aleks