2017 SESSIONS At A Glance

SecTor Management and the Advisory Committee look forward to once again bringing the world’s best speakers in the field of IT Security to Toronto.

Some of your feedback requested a simple list of sessions where you could scan what’s happening at a glance, like the format in years past.  Below you will find just that.

Please visit the schedule page for a complete breakdown of when each session will occur, along with a more comprehensive filtering feature. The schedule is also available in timetable format.

The Expo Hall is open to attendees between the hours 8am to 5pm Tuesday, November 14, and 8am to 4pm Wednesday, November 15. Please note Expo Only Attendees are limited to the Sponsor, Tools and Career tracks. Find out more at our new Expo Page.

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Breaking the Laws of Robotics: Attacking Automated Manufacturing Systems - Stefano Zanero
Common NGINX Misconfigurations That Leave Your Web Server Open to Attack - Spencer Pearlman
Detecting Illicit Drone Filming - Ben Nassi
FAIL – Notorious* Number 9 - James Arlen
Full Circle Detection: From Hunting to Actionable Detection - Mathieu Saulnier
Ghost Misdetection Attacks Against Tesla Model X & Mobileye 630 PRO - Ben Nassi
Hacking & Securing Clinical Technology - Jeremy Richards
hAFL1: Our Journey of Fuzzing Hyper-V and Discovering a 0-Day - Peleg Hadar, Ophir Harpaz
Large-Scale Security Analysis of IoT Firmware - Daniel Nussko
Building Security Champions - Tanya Janca
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Privacy Laws and the Anatomy of a Breach Response - Stanislav Bodrov
Tools for InfoSec, but Not the Ones You Think - Fernando Montenegro
SECurity FUNdamentals
Adventures in Underland: What Your System Stores on the Disk Without Telling You - Paula Januszkiewicz
Attacker Techniques: Data Exfiltration - Julian Pileggi
Broken Brokers in Boxes: Fuzzing Breaks Everything, Even Erlang - Jonathan Knudsen
Explore Adventures in the Underland: Forensic Techniques Against Hackers - Paula Januszkiewicz
Mobile AntiVirus Inside - Stephanie Vanroelen
Automating Threat Detection and Response with Azure Sentinel - Kurtis Armour, Matthew Blacklock
Introducing a New Construct for Advanced Interactive Volatile Memory Analysis - Solomon Sonya
Moving Upstream, Securing the GitOps Workflow - Yoni Leitersdorf
Speeding Up AWS IAM Least Privileges with CloudSplaining & Elastic Stack - Rodrigo Montoro