2016 SESSIONS At A Glance

SecTor Management and the Advisory Committee look forward to once again bringing the world’s best speakers in the field of IT Security to Toronto.

Some of your feedback requested a simple list of sessions where you could scan what’s happening at a glance, similar to the format in years past.  Below you will find just that.

Please visit the schedule page for a complete breakdown of when each session will occur, along with a more comprehensive filtering feature.

The Expo Hall is open to attendees between the hours 8am to 5pm Tuesday October 18th, and 8am to 4pm Wednesday October 19th. Please note Expo Only Attendees are limited to the Sponsor and Career tracks (see below).

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Examining, Fixing and Fighting for our Cyber Defenses - Edward Snowden
It’s 2016: What can you do about gender balance in Information Security? - Laura Payne and Co., Alexis Lavi, Andrea Stapley, Julie Leo, Karen Nemani, Marilyn Blamire
Retaking surrendered ground: making better decisions to fight cybercrime - Chris Pogue
Securing Our Future - Mikko Hypponen
[Ab]using TLS for defensive wins - Lee Brotherston
AirBnBeware: short-term rentals, long-term pwnage - Jeremy Galloway
CANtact: Open Source Automotive Tools - Eric Evenchick
Control system security, are we living on luck? - Chris Sistrunk
Crash Course in Kubernetes & Security - Matt Johansen
EventID Field Hunter (EFH) – Looking for malicious activities in your Windows events - Rodrigo Montoro
Hack Microsoft by using Microsoft signed binaries - Pierre-Alexandre Braeken
Hiding in Plain Sight – Taking Control of Windows Patches - Travis Smith
How to build a malware classifier [that doesn’t suck on real-world data] - John Seymour
How To Secure Serverless Applications - Kellman Meghu
Jihadism and Cryptography, from internet to softwares - Julie Gommes
Lessons Learned Hunting IoT Malware - Olivier Bilodeau
Making sense of a million samples per day: Behavior-based Methods for Automated, Scalable Malware Analysis - Stefano Zanero
Open Source Malware Lab - Robert Simmons
Practical Static Analysis for Continuous Application Security - Justin Collins
Purple Teaming the Cyber Kill Chain: Practical Exercises for Management - Chris Gates, Haydn Johnson
RTF Abuse: Exploitation, Evasion and Counter Measures - Devon Greene
Securing Network Communications: An Investigation into Certificate Authorities on Mobile - Andrew Blaich
The State of SCADA on the Internet - Kyle Wilhoit
Utilizing Memory and Network Forensics for Scalable Threat Detection and Response - Andrew Case
WiFi Exploitation: How passive interception leads to active exploitation - Solomon Sonya
Cybersecurity in an era with quantum computers: will we be ready? - Michele Mosca
Data-Driven Computer Security Defense - Roger Grimes
Getting Business Value from Penetration Testing - Mark Bassegio, Tim West
How to Rob a Bank or The SWIFT and Easy Way to Grow Your Online Savings - Cheryl Biswas
Introducing G.Tool – A batteries included framework for building awesome GRC tools without wasting money. - Ben Sapiro
Safety Should be the Security Paradigm - Chris Wysopal
Security by Consent, or Peel’s Principles of Security Operations - Brendan O’Connor
SECurity FUNdamentals
All roads lead to domain admin, a part of a presentation series: From breach to C.D.E. Part I - Yannick Bedard
Can massive data harvesting drive down the time to breach detection? - Sean Earhard
Expanding Your Toolkit the DIY Way - Chris Maddalena
IPv6 for the InfoSec Pro on the Go - Allan Stojanovic
Lighting up the Canadian Darknet Financially - Milind Bhargava, Peter Desfigies
The Power of DNS: Gaining Security Insight Through DNS Analytics - Scott Penney
The Security Problems of an Eleven Year Old and How To Solve Them - Jake Sethi-Reiner
Sponsor Track
An Effective Approach to Automating Compliance Activities - Dave Millier
Defending Against Phishing: Effective Phishing Incident Response Using Employees, Incident Responders, and Intelligence. - Mike Saurbaugh
Eliminating the Automation and Integration Risks of the “Security Frankenstein” - Chris Pogue
Exposing Ransomware: Intelligent cybersecurity for the real world. - Sean Earhard
FAIL Panel - James Arlen
Global Encryption Usage is on the Rise! - Si Brantley
Held for Ransom: Defending your Data Against Ransomware - James L. Antonakos
Lessons from the Attack Chain: Bolster Your IR Program - Eric Sun
Network virtualization to enhance context, visibility and containment - Bruno Germain
Next-Gen Now, Outsmarting ransomware, exploits and zero-day attacks - Keir Humble
Overwhelmed By Security Vulnerabilities? Learn How To Prioritize Remediation - Amol Sarwate
Rethinking Threat Intelligence - Danny Pickens
Securing a Cloud-Based Data Center - Peter Cresswell
Stopping the Attacker You Know - Brian Read
The Cyber Security Readiness of Canadian Organizations - Ryan Wilson
The Emerging Era of Cognitive Security - Peter Allor
The Industry Need for Cloud Generation Security - Ryan Leonard
Understanding Ransomware: Clear and Present Danger - Raul Alvarez
When ‘Oops’ Isn’t An Acceptable Answer - Greg Pepper
Why Technology is Not the Answer to Cybersecurity - Sean Blenkhorn
Developing your Career in IT Security - Adrien de Beaupré, Brian Bourne, Laura Payne, Mike Murray